Pre-school Room

In our preschool room all the activities are based on and incorporate all the seven areas of learning in the early year’s curriculum.
Staff plan and provide a range of activities to both excite and challenge the children to ensure that they are learning through play and having fun.
We ensure that the children’s learning environment is bright, colourful and includes their own artwork and creations using wide range of resources.
Activities include, art and crafts, messy experiences, ICT and learning about the natural world around us. We also have our Dance and Spanish teachers visiting once a week, extending the children’s learning experiences.
The children’s interaction and social skills are developed by modelling staffs positive behaviour, including listening and communicating with lots of praise and encouragement.
In the preschool rooms we believe that children should start school healthy, happy, communicative, sociable, curious, active, independent, ready and equipped for the next stage of life and learning.
Being prepared for school is not simply knowing about letters and numbers. It is about making sure that children are ready to make friends, to play, to have the freedom of speech and communicate their needs confidently.